Online submission

PaperCept on-line conference management system

All contributions to MED’16 – contributed papers, invited session proposals, invited session papers, and tutorial proposals – must be submitted online, in electronic format.

MED’16 uses PaperCept (formerly, PaperPlaza) conference management system at for submission of conference contributions and the peer-review process.


Registration for first-time users

To use PaperCept, you need a personal “account” – called PIN.

If you used PaperCept (or PaperPlaza) before, there is no need to register again – please use your existing PIN.

If you do not have a PIN, please use this link to register first (once the new window opens, select the option “Register a new PIN“).


Submitting your work

Have a valid PIN and password ready.

To submit your contribution, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down through the list of conferences to the year 2016, and find MED’16. Click on the link “Submit a Contribution to MED’16“. The next page is called “Submission Wizard“.
  3. In the Submission Wizard page, submit the paper under the appropriate type of submission (contributed paper, invited session proposal, invited session paper, tutorial proposal).
  4. Follow the submission steps.
  5. Upon successful submission of a manuscript, the system automatically sends an acknowledgement to the corresponding author with copies to all the co-authors.