Mediterranean Conferences on Control and Automation:

Plenary Talks

MED 2018:
Zadar, Croatia: June 19-22 2018
"Back to the Roots: Multivariate Polynomial Optimization by Numerical Linear Algebra"
Bart De Moor
"Multiagent Decision Making: Learning from Observations"
Maryam Kamgarpour
"Robotics and Wireless Communications: Opportunities and Challenges"
Yasamin Mostofi
MED 2017:
Valletta, Malta: July 3-6 2017
"Research in the Flying Machine Arena"
Raffaello D’Andrea
"Modelling, Estimation and Identification of Spatio-Temporal and Multiscale Systems"
Visakan Kadirkamanathan
"Distributed Fault Diagnosis of Interconnected Cyber-Physical Systems"
Marios Polycarpou
MED 2016:
Athens, Greece: June 21-24 2016
" Nonlinear control without PDEs"
Alessandro Astolfi
"Unmanned Vehicles Systems – From Necessity to Maturity"
David Harari
"How we can Halt a Runaway Climate"
Yannis A. Phillis
"Walking and Flying Robots for Challenging Environments"
Roland Siegwart
"Uncertainty Randomization in Control Systems"
Roberto Tempo

MED 2015:
Torremolinos, Spain: June 16-19 2015

"The Art of Tuning a PID Controller"
Tore Hägglund
"Discrete and Fluid Petri Nets: Dealing with Individuals, Dealing with Populations"
Manuel Silva
"Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems: Smaller, Smarter, Specialized Teams"
Magnus Egerstedt

MED 2014:
Palermo, Italy: June 16-19 2014

"Performance Bounds and Suboptimal Policies for Multi-Period Investment"
Stephen P. Boyd
"Resilience and Risk in Networked Systems"
Munther A. Dahleh
"Feedback Control of Living Cells"
Mustafa Khammash

MED 2013:
Crete, Greece: June 25-28 2013

"Cooperating UAS: From Information Acquisition to Physical Interactions"
Anibal Ollero
"Cooperative Control: Optimality, Differential Games, and Reinforcement Learning on Graphs"
F. L. Lewis
"A Distributed Networked Approach to Fault Diagnosis of Large Scale Systems"
Thomas Parisini
"Robust Adaptive Control: Interpretations, Expectations and Reality"
Petros A. Ioannou

MED 2012:
Barcelona, Spain: July 3-6 2012

"Controlling the Data Deluge"
Mario Sznaier
"Identification and control: the two inseparable friends cooperating for the solution of automation problems over more than five decades"
Sergio Bittanti
"Adaptive Control in Neurorobotics"
Alicia Casais

MED 2011:
Corfu, Greece: June 20-23 2011

"Control for railways – active suspensions and other opportunities"
Roger Goodall
"Cooperative Networked Systems: Multiple Graphs, Coalitional Games, New Probabilistic Models"
John S. Baras
"Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems using Reachability Analysis"
Claire Tomlin
"Averaging algorithms and distributed anonymous discrete function computation"
John N. Tsitsiklis

MED 2010:
Marrakech, Morocco: June 23-25 2010

"Fault Tolerant Control Design: the general frame and some recent results"
Marcel Staroswiecki
"Cooperative Control and Optimization in an uncertain asynchronous wireless networked world"
Christos G. Cassandras
"Novel Extensions of Smith Predictors for MIMO Systems with Multiple I/O Delays"
Zalman J. Palmor
"The polytonic/fuzzy approach for non-linear control: advantages and drawbacks"
Antonio Sala

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