Mediterranean Conferences on Control and Automation:

Plenary Talks


MED 2009:
Thessaloniki, Greece: June 24-26 2009

"Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems"
Petros Ioannou
"Nonlinear Regulation Control - Evolution of the Internal Model Principle: From Linear to Nonlinear"
Jie Huang
"Linear Multivariable Control. Methods & Philosophy of the Algebraic Approach"
Tony Vardulakis
"European Research Initiatives in Control and Funding opportunities"
Dr Libor Kral

MED 2008:
Ajaccio-Corsica, France: June 25-27 2008

"Infinite-Dimensional Backstepping and Applications to Flows in Electromagnetic Fields"
Miroslav Krstic
"Delay effects on stability of interconnected systems. A control perspective"
Silviu-Iulan Niculescu
"Stochastic modeling techniques for the dependability analysis of DES"
Andrea Bobbio

MED 2007:
Athens, Greece: June 27-29 2007

"Why Industry Needs Improved and Practical Nonlinear Control: A Challenge for Today"
Mike J Grimble
"Ierarchical Control - Reconciling Hybrid Systems Theory and Control Applications"
Joerg Raisch
"Wireless Control Systems: Scientific Challenges and Emerging Applications"
Karl Henrik Johansson
"Control Systems Architectures for the Process Industries"
Tariq Samad

MED 2006:
Ancona, Italy: June 28-30 2006

"Aerospace Controls: The Way Forward"
S. S. Banda

"Systems Biology of Group Decision Making"
K. M. Passino


"Control Oriented Models and Feedback Design in Fluid Flow Systems: A Review"
G. Tadmor

MED 2005:
Limassol, Cyprus: 27-29 June 2005

"On Cooperative Control"
Christos Cassandras, Boston University


"On Systems Biology"
Eduardo Sontag, Rutgers


"On Nanomanufacturing"
Julie Chen, NSF

MED 2004:
Kusadasi, Turkey: 6-9 June 2004

"Human-Centered Robotics"
Oussama Khatib, Stanford University


"A Map of the World of Learning and Optimization"
Xi-Ren Cao, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


"Intelligent Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Improved Autonomy and Reliability"
George J. Vachtsevanos, Georgia Institute of Technology


"TerraMax: The Autonomous, Off-Road Vehicle"
Umit Ozgüner
, Ohio State University

MED 2003:
Rodos Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece: 18-20 June 2003

"Control of Networked Embedded Systems"
Panos Antsaklis, University of Notre Dame


"Advances in Robotics and Mechatronics: From Space to Surgery"
Gerd Hirzinger
, Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft und Raumfahrt


"Hybrid Systems - A Control Engineering Perspective"
Manfred Morari, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


"Control of Networks of Unmanned Vehicles"
Shankar Sastry, University of California, Berkley

MED 2002:
Lisbon, Portugal: 9-13 July 2002

"Domestic Robots"
H.I. Christensen, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


"Robustness and Complexity"
J.C. Doyle, California Institute of Technology, USA


"Automating Control Design and Implementation"
P. Varaiya, Univ. California at Berkeley, USA


"Variational Methods in Computer Vision"
O. Faugeras, INRIA, France


"Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks: Analysis, Protocols, Architecture, and Convergence"
R. Kumar, University of Illinois, USA


"From 'Simple' to 'Complex' Systems: Lessons and Examples"
M.A. Dahleh, MIT, USA


"High-Performance Structures: Dynamics and Control"
E. Crawley , MIT, USA


"Systems Theory for Long-Term Investment"
D.G. Luenberger, Stanford University, USA

MED 2001:
Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik, Croatia: 27-29 June 2001

"Future Research Directions in Systems and Control"
Michael Athans


"Non-Linear and Adaptive Control: An Abbreviated Status Report"
Petar Kokotovic, Murat Arcak


"The Role of Mediterranean Countries in the History of Science and Technology"
Vladimir Muljevic


"From Computing with Numbers to Computing with Words - From Manipulation of Measurements to Manipulation of Perceptions"
Lotfi Zadeh

MED 2000:
University of Patras, Rio, Greece: 17-19 July 2000

"Challenges for Systems and Control in the Knowledge Based Society"
G. Metakides, S. Sastry*, European Commission, University of California - Berkley*

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